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January 20, 2019
International Film Organisation-Proposal | News & Media Update | Mission Statement | Film Clips! | |

International Film Organisation-Proposal

This site has been set up to act as a point of contact for;

The Media

Potential Investor/s

New & Established Talent

Centres of Excellence worldwide

The aim of the proposed Foundation is to directly intercede into the European Film Industry.

A great deal of interest has been generated by the use of this site. But the main aim of finding that elusive backer still remains.

I, like many others despair of the continuous wastage of talent,money and resources in this industry and still feel that, with the right backing, it can be turned around.I am asking you, whoever you are, to help me, in whatever way you can.You can choose to remain on the fence, or get involved, it is your choice.But if you choose to get involved,please do it now!(1st July 2005);

European feature films seem to be produced for some cultural elite rather than for "Box Office" success.Out of 2000 films backed by the European Union each year, only 3 or 4 ever see the light of day.

"Talent needs to be nurtured not just found"

(UK Times)

The Foundation would acquire, set up and back new companies using the American model, to produce quality "Box Office" entertainment.In other words to develop new talent and make money, yes both objectives.

"British film companies tend to go belly up when they think they are Warner Brothers- Palace Pictures (Absolute Beginners), Goldcrest (Revolution),Channel Four Films (Charlotte Gray), and Handmade (films) essayed this with Shanghai Surprise, starring Madonna and her then husband, Sean Penn, who kept firing fellow actors and crew. It cost $17m to make and returned $2m in America"

Ian Johnstone, Sunday Times May11 2003

If you are a wealthy investor/institution and would like to finance the setting up of the Foundation, contact us now;